Instructions for submitting bibliography reference information

I am very pleased to receive your suggestions for new items to add to the FPRC bibliography. However, maintaining a bibliography is no small job and therefore I'd like to ask you to follow these instructions before submitting any citations.

First, my aim is to make this a bibliography of academic references that help inform other researchers about relevant topics and/or present theoretical models or empirical results about disfluency phenomena. This not utterly objective, so I hope the following list will serve as a guide.

  • Definitely will add to the bibliography:
    • Published research articles
    • Academic textbooks
    • Research article collections
    • Conference proceedings
    • Theses and dissertations
    • Monographs and working papers
  • Likely to add to the bibliography:
    • Conference presentations (oral and poster)
    • Magazine and newspaper articles
    • Unpublished works that have already achieved some recognition as reliable works.
  • Likely to not add to the biblography [While these may certainly be informative, these are normally never cited in research work because the information they present has often been reported formally elsewhere.]:
    • Blog posts
    • Invited talks

This is not an exhaustive list, but I hope it gives some clarity. If you wish to suggest some references, I would be extremely pleased if you could keep the following points in mind

  • First, please double-check that the item(s) is not already in the bibliography.
  • If possible, send me a citation already formatted in bibtex or RIS format, including either a DOI or URL data field and, ideally, the abstract.
  • If that's not possible, please send me a complete reference as it might be listed at the end of a research paper (e.g., authors, year, title, journal, volume, issue, pages) plus the DOI or URL and abstract.
  • Please give me as much information as possible: It will save me a lot of work and help me get the citation on-line sooner.
  • For conference and poster presentations also, please format it so I can understand it easily and process it quickly: Give full information (authors, title, conference, location, dates, etc.) and a URL to the abstract page, or, if unavailable, to the conference web page. If the abstract is not available online anywhere, please include it in your submission (copied from conference program, for example).
  • If you can send several citations all at once in a consistent format (e.g., bibtex), that would be fantastic.

Thank you very much for your cooperation and understanding.  You can submit your suggestions through the contact page.