The crosslinguistic corpus of hesitation phenomena, collated beginning in 2012

Recording studio equipment has arrived

The first order of business in getting prepared for the CCHP recording process was to acquire the necessary recording equipment. My department managed to get a little extra space last academic year and we got the facilities people to spend some of their leftover budget at the end of the fiscal year to outfit a research laboratory for us with a soundproof room in it. Well, it's not soundproof, but it will certainly cut out a lot of the background noise that caused problems in the pilot study.

Grant-in-Aid Application has been Approved!

I got word today that my Grant-in-Aid application to the Japanese Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science, and Technology (MEXT) has been approved. The title of my project is "Hesitation Phenomena in Second Language Development" (in Japanese, 「第二言語習得における躊躇現象」). It's a three-year project in which I aim to look closely at the production of hesitation phenomena in second language compared to first language speech.

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