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A curated page of "filled pause(s)" mentions on Twitter

For some time now, I've been monitoring Twitter for mentions of "filled pause" or "filled pauses". On occasion, I retweet these, but I mostly just add them to a collection. The main purpose is to try to capture mentions coming out of academic research, but it's also interesting to see more popular mentions of filled pauses. Further below you can browse the collection. This is a dynamic list, so as I add further tweets to the collection, the list below should update automatically.

Great article in Atlas Obscura about filled pauses

I was recently contacted by Dan Nosowitz, a writer for the web site Atlas Obscura, requesting an interview about filled pauses. I was pleased to accommodate and we arranged a Skype chat a few days ago. He had already written several other articles on linguistic topics (e.g., Canadian 'eh’, Regional dialects), so it was an easy chat for me. We talked about many facets of filled pauses, sound, meaning, usage, acquisition, evolutionary origins, and more.

At the end of the conversation, I asked how soon he would publish an article and he said it would probably be a week later. To my surprise, about a day and a half later I noticed via Twitter that the article was published! If only I could turn out writing at that speed…

The ums and uhs of yesteryear

Edison phonograph; taken at Vendsyssel historiske Museum (Hjørring, Denmark) in 2004 by Tomasz Sienicki.The UCSB Cylinder Audio Archive is a wonderful new* resource that's being provided for free by the University of California, Santa Barbara Library. These are digitizations of audio extracted from phonograph cylinders produced in the late 19th and early 20th centuries–in essence, the earliest audio recordings made by humans. While most of the recordings are musical in nature (probably intended to be listened to for enjoyment at the time), some contain speech and these are the ones I'm really interested in.  I've been browsing through the recordings little by little in order to get a sample of some of the earliest recordings of filled pauses and here are a few interesting ones.

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